We are pleased to reveal that our ongoing work with cover artist Luke Oram is close to being released.

We have been working behind the scenes with Luke to create a comic book detailing the full story of our debut concept record 'PLANET LOSS'. Pairing the lyrics for the album alongside Lukes artwork (inspired by conceptual drafts and the lyrics themselves) we have been able to compile the story of the record into a vivid, visual experience which truly brings PLANET LOSS to life.
This release will be paired with a limited edition CD variant of the album featuring all new art by Luke Oram.

This will be the first time the record will be available in this format and the first time we publish the lyrics of 'PLANET LOSS' in full.

Pre-order to be announced soon via Surviving Sounds and Trepanation Records

More details to be revealed in due course, but for the time being here is an exclusive look at some work in progress from the first chapter.